Tech Trek Science Camp

Photo: Tech Trek camper Angelica Lee conducting a lip print analysis.
Photo by Roberta Guise, 2013

The Tech Trek Science Camp was developed by California AAUW to encourage girls finishing the 7th grade to explore the fields of math and science. Branches raise funds to cover each girl's attendance and selects from candidates. Our San Francisco Branch of AAUW has sent girls to the camp each year but one. Last year we sent sixteen girls to Stanford University and Fresno State University. The families did not have to provide any money for this opportunity.

With everyone's help, we will send fifteen girls in June and July of 2014. If you would like to make a contribution, please either:
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AAUW-SF's 2013 Tech Trek Math and Science Camp Program is featured in a front page article of San Francisco's SUNSET BEACON, August 2013 edition. The piece looks into the life of 7th-grade Camper, Angelica Lee.

What do girls do at Tech Trek?

They eat meals together in a campus cafeteria, play sports, participate in activities in the dorm and have the chance to meet girls from many communities.

Who can attend Tech Trek?

We are seeking girls with an interest in science, mathematics, and technology. Students who can follow directions, enjoy new settings and people, and work well in groups are great candidates. Once nominated by their Science Teacher, the girls fill out a questionanire, write a short essay, are interviewed and finalists selected. Parents are included in the process.

Tech Trek is a program unique to the California Division of AAUW in its thirteenth year. The first week long camp was held at Stanford University. This year six campuses will participate.

Please feel free to email the Tech Trek Coordinators at:
They will send you the nomination form and answer any questions or concerns. Ask your teacher to apply and/or share this information with other students or parents. We hope you will be very excited and will consider this special opportunity.
Photo: Elaine Butler, Tech Trek Coordinator with Tech Trek Poster

AAUW California Tech Trek

Again, please check out the CA Tech Trek information at Tech Trek Camp.

Contact SF-Tech Trek Coordinators at: