Barbara Spencer

Co-President: Barbara Spencer
barbaraspencer@gmail.com (415) 221-6690

Barbara is an AAUW legacy. Her mother was a branch president and her sister has held branch, state and national leadership positions. She has struggled with women's rights issues from the time she was in college, and there is still more to do. She is a retired lawyer who was a happenstance trailblazer. Thankfully there are a lot more women lawyers today.

Treasurer: Barbara Spencer
barbaraspencer@gmail.com (415) 221-6690

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Secretary: Kelly Joseph
kelly.wysinger@sbcglobal.net (415) 999-1430

Kelly is a Human Resources Director at the Peninsula Jewish Community Center in Foster City. She graduated from USF with a BS in Business Management. Kelly served as Co-President of the San Francisco Branch from 2007-2010.

Kelly Joseph (right)

Program VP: vacant

Nancy Shapiro

Membership VP/Webmaster: Nancy Shapiro
nancy.shapiro@sonic.net (415) 731-2654

Nancy has been a member of AAUW for over 15 years. She is currently Membership Chair, Web Master and helps plan the International Dinners. She has participated in the International Book Discussion Group for more than ten years. She retired from Government Service as a Computer Programmer. Her outside interests include: gardening, walkabouts around San Francisco, reading, cooking.

Legal Advocacy VP and Education Fund VP: vacant

Corrine Sachs (center)

AVANTI Editor: Corrine Sacks
cpsacks@yahoo.com (415) 292-4130

Corrine has been a member of AAUW since graduating from college. She started in NYC and joined the San Francisco Branch when she moved out here 8 years ago. She found a wonderful group of women, who had a zest for life, a wide range of interests and enthusiasms, who made her, feel welcome. Corrine gets to read with book groups, dine around the city, work with Tech Trek and meet the next generation of women who can make a difference. She is starting her second year as the editor of Avanti, which provides her with the ability to fine tune her computer skills, keep up with what is going on in the area as well as in SF, and make a contribution.

Mary Suter (left)

Silver Jubilee Fund Chair: Mary Suter
marsuter@yahoo.com (415) 665-1185

Mary Suter has been a member since 1971. She has held most of the positions on the board. She was president of AAUW-SF 1976-78. Mary was chair of the Silver Jubilee Fund twice and was involved in redesigning the fund. Through the years her involvement in the interest groups and boards has allowed her to make many AAUW friends and to be aware of women's issues.

Voter Information: Sheila Bost
wawonast@earthlink.net (415) 664-4985

Corporate Paralegal (Retired); San Francisco State University, SF Board Chair for Public Policy (2010 – 2017), International Dinners.

Elaine Butler

Tech Trek: Elaine Butler
elainebutler124@comcast.net (415) 826-3172

Elaine is the librarian at Support for Families of Children with Disabilities, a family resource center deep in the Mission. She has held every office in SF Branch including President and been on several AAUW California Committees. Elaine's greatest joy for the last several years has been being involved with the Tech Trek program at the Branch level. She likes to garden and care for her four cats.

Hospitality: Corrine Sacks
cpsacks@yahoo.com (415) 292-4130

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